The transformational power of live environments

The Live STADIUM Event and How It Changes Us

Numerous studies in recent years have analyzed the impact of various sports environments on behavioral constructs like loyalty (to a team, a sports league, and in general) and behavioral changes.  In their Relationship Among Fans’ Involvement, Psychological Commitment, and Loyalty in Professional Team Sports, researchers from the School of Physical Education and Sports Science in Greece sought to confirm their hypothesis that underlying factors such as psychological commitment and attitudinal loyalty to a team or league would help develop behavioral loyalty in general.  They found this to be true, as their test cases developed enhanced behavioral loyalty in the live sports environment as their attitudinal loyalty to their team increased. 

In another study, Sports Fans: The Psychology and Social Impact of Spectators, psychology professor Daniel Wann of Murray State University determined that sports fandom acts as a community for many live sports attendees and provides common emotions, languages, and experiences.  All of these positive emotions help live sports consumers relax, feel successful, and engage with their surrounding in an undistracted way.


This Stadium Synergy Study seeks to determine if the phenomena we observe are unique to the live sports environment. More specifically, what is the impact of this environment on consumers’ behaviors and actions? 

In this white paper you'll learn about:

  • The power of stadiums compared to other out-of-home media
  • Tranformations that occur to consumers when they enter the stadium
  • What makes live sports such an incredible opportunity for brands to engage with key consumers

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