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InStadium helps brands engage with the live audience like no one else can. Our live sports fan engagement platform leverages a multi-channel approach to reach your coveted customers in the moments their senses are heightened and they're ready to make a lasting connection with your brand. The live environment is where brands break through and efficiently connect with their target audience.

With the holiday season upon us, what better way to build awareness for your new product launch than via the biggest video screens on Earth? How about also coordinating your message to reach those same fans via the mobile screens that never leave their side?  InStadium is where it all begins.

Within the financial services category, we've had great success delivering targeted and customizable activations that help brands become an unshakeable part of memorable experiences.

Check out a few recent Financial Services program examples and click within easy section to read more.

league sponsorship activation: discover


With a product tailored to appeal to NHL fans and commissioned by the league to support its brand, Discover looked to InStadium for a partner who could connect with millions of hard-to-reach hockey consumers in their ideal environment: NHL arenas.

new campaign launch: visa

Visa required a partner to help strengthen its association with the NFL brand and build awareness in its “Make It Epic” marketing campaign. To move the needle among its desired audience, our client required unique expertise, assets and connections.


Geico, an investor in substantial television and cinema advertising, tabbed InStadium to invigorate its summer campaign with a Minor League Baseball flight. The purpose: to extend our client's reach to a higher-quality customer demographic and create more unique impressions during a relatively flat consumer-audience period for its existing channels.

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