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InStadium helps brands engage with the live audience like no one else can. Our live sports fan engagement platform leverages a multi-channel approach to reach your coveted customers in the moments their senses are heightened and they're ready to make a lasting connection with your brand. The live environment is where brands break through and efficiently connect with their target audience.

As summer approaches, what better way to build awareness for your summer blockbuster or TV series launch than via the biggest video screens on Earth? How about also coordinating your message to reach those same fans via the mobile screens that never leave their side?  InStadium is where it all begins.

Within the entertainment category, we've had great success delivering targeted and customizable activations that help brands become an unshakeable part of memorable experiences.

Check out a few recent entertainment program examples and click each image to read more.

new tv show launch

entertainment live sports.png

A prominent children's cable television network recognized an opportunity to partner with InStadium in order to generate awareness and viewing intent for its new show.

new movie launch


When an acclaimed film studio began planning the global promotion of its newest release, it sought something different: A presentation to more effectively target and appeal to the movie's audience. A can't-miss event to amplify the film's brand. An unforgettable moment.

new video game launch

WWE live sports.png

2K Sports, a top sports video games company, partnered with InStadium to build purchase intent for their new game, WWE 2K17, among influential, hard-to-reach sports fans.

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