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Springtime.  Rejuvenation.  Freshly mowed outfields, crisp white chalk lines, and hopeful, energized fans. Baseball season is upon us - the perfect time of year to introduce your brand and your message to loyal and captivated audiences.  

What better way to build and extend the life of brand campaigns than via the biggest video screens on Earth? How about also coordinating your message to reach those same fans via the mobile screens that never leave their side?


At InStadium, we've helped brands across a variety of industries to engage with live fans.  From consumer electronics and entertainment to automotive and CPG, we help deliver targeted and customizable activations.

Contact InStadium using the form below to hear how we can make an Opening Day campaign come to life for your brand with millions of live sports fans.

You want turnkey? Here are a few program ideas for you (and feel free to click on the images below for examples of our work!): 


Utilize 120 teams' in-stadium media assets across MLB and MiLB, generating over 43 million impressions over the course of almost 1,400 games!


  • Activation over a 4 week period
  • :30 Jumbotron Video
  • :40 In-stadium digital display
  • :10 Stadium Public Address
  • Targeted Mobile Advertising
  • Targeted Social Media Promotion
  • Purchase and/or Location-Level Attribution Data
  • Options to test other concepts like sampling, giveaways, etc.


Utilize 47 teams' in-stadium media assets across MLB and MiLB, creating over 26 million impressions over the course of over 550 games!



Top 10 DMA

Utilize 26 teams' in-stadium media assets across MLB and MiLB creating over 15 million impressions over the course of 300 games!


Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 2.15.41 PM-2.png
*These are sample campaigns, subject to change due to category exclusivities and available inventory at time of contract.  

Become a fan favorite. Be a part of it. Contact us now.